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Multicultural Literacy
1. Choose a 5 years old child with whom to do this assignment.
2. Choose a children’s book with a multicultural perspective. (Be sure the book is age appropriate for the child you will be reading to.)
3. Use the book to create a simple activity which you and the child will do together that helps the child relate to the story and build his or her language skills. Read the book together and do the activity.
4. Write a short paper (two pages maximum) that describes this experience.
The following are key components of this assignment:
The book is developmentally appropriate
The book is multicultural in some way.
You state in your introduction the title, author, and a brief description of the book and how it reflects diversity, and the age of the child with whom you are working.
Your paper is double-spaced and has a beginning (introduction), a middle (body or development) and an end (summary).
You created an extended activity related to literacy that corresponds with the story and that activity is described in your paper.
Describe the negative and positive aspects of this experience and describe how the child reacted to the experience.
Include an APA citation at the end of your paper for your book.