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Must include an abstract. An abstract is an overview of the paper.
Considering the career (social work) you are required to provide counseling services to a multitude of individuals. Answer the following questions in the paper.

This is a deep dive reflection on you, your opinion, your skill set, your aspirations, and your goals as a professional counselor.
How do you view life? Do you believe that most things that happen to people are unplanned and coincidental?

Do you believe that life events tend to fit a larger plan?
Is lifes challenge a matter of analyzing situations and developing successful responses to those situations or is it to become the best person one can be, given the circumstances life presents?
How do you describe yourself culturally?

From whom have you learned the most about yourself as a cultural being? What do you believe is most misunderstood about you culturally?
Having read chapter 1 of the textbook, consider the following: How do the professional counseling qualities relate to you?

How would you edit the explanations/definitions to better fit to how you see yourself?
Counseling has been described by some as a purchase of friendship. Do you agree with this statement? How do you believe counseling differs from a close friendship?
Considering your age, background, and life experiences, what do you think you have to offer to clients that is different from what they would receive from their friends or family members?