The following are a list of questions you should answer about the companys staffing practices or if youre interviewing someone, these are the questions you should pose to them.

How does the organization recruit? Meaning what recruitment methods are used? i.e. word of mouth, ads, etc

Does the organization use the same recruitment methods for all positions? (i.e. are all open positions posted on

If they use different methods for different positions how do they determine which methods to use for which positions?
What selection methods do they use? (Refer to the selection methods on the slides, i.e. applications, resume, interviews, etc…)

What are the typical steps in the selection process? (Do you screen applications first, do interviews next, etc…)

Does the organization use any type of employment testing as one of their selection methods? If so, what are the nature of the tests? What tests are used on what positions?

Does the organization use interviews as a selection method? If so, describe the interview process the organization uses?