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The universality of human rights – Judicial Studies Board Annual Lecture
Paper details:
answer the following Question: Critically appraise and respond to Lord Hoffmans views on the universality of human
rights in his Judicial Studies Board Annual Lecture of 19 March 2009 (attached). In
particular assess whether the subject of human rights appeals more as a cultural relative
matter or, as a universal matter. What may be culturally relative about human rights
and why; and what may be for all intents and purposes universal about human rights?

Use the attached pdf for more information.

1. Knowledge and understanding of the challenges around assigning human rights
to either the strictly cultural relative or, the strictly universal domain.
2. Knowledge and understanding of universalist perspectives on human rights.
3. Knowledge and understanding of the arguments for cultural incentivized
approaches to human rights.
4. Evaluation of the challenges and limitations of both perspectives.
5. A good argument justifying your own opinion of what the fitting approach
should be.
6. Presentation that is structured, coherent, succinct and well argued.