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Bullying is an act or behavior to hurt a person or group of people either verbally, physically, or psychologically so that the victim feels depressed, traumatized, and helpless. In addition, bullying is a form of aggressive behavior with a dominant force on behavior that is carried out repeatedly with the aim of disturbing other children or victims who are weaker than him. The word bullying itself comes from the English language, namely from the word bull which means a bull who likes to duck here and there.

Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development defines bullying occurs when a person or group of people interfere with or threaten the safety and health of a person either physically or posologist, threatening property, reputation or social acceptance of a person and is done repeatedly and continuously.

Bullying itself is divided into several types:
1. Physical Bullying
Physical bullying is the most visible and identifiable type of bullying among other forms of bullying. Types of physical bullying include hitting, strangling, elbowing, punching, kicking, biting, memiting, scratching, and spitting on the oppressed child to a painful position, as well as damaging and destroying clothing and goods belonging to the oppressed child.

2. Verbal Bullying
Verbal violence is the most commonly used form of bullying, both by girls and boys. Verbal Bulliying is usually done like mocking or saying harsh words to the victim.

3. Cyber bullying
This is the latest form of bullying due to the growing development of technology, the internet and social media. The point is that victims constantly get negative messages from bullies either from posts on social media or personal messages on the internet.

4. Sexual bullying
It is a dangerous act and sexually humiliates a person. This includes sexual name-calling or cat-calling, vulgar gestures, touching, and pornographic material.