Try to picture this poem in your mind.
I will attach the two documents- one for Tao Qian and one for Du Fu, both of these documents will be used to answer the questions.
2. Like Tao Qian, Du Fu also mentions is Thatched Roof (1032). What is the difference in their descriptions of their homes? Why did he start the poem talking about his own situation and ended up talking about a towering roof for poorest gentlemen of all this world? A hintfocus on the word gentleman. In general what do houses stand for in poems, either in Tao Qians or Du Fus ?
3. Thoughts while Traveling by Night (1034)
Try to picture this poem in your mind. What do you see? What do you feel? What is this poem about and what is the general atmosphere?
4. In Spring Prospect, Du Fu describes chaos and rebellion in the land. How does he respond to it and how is his attitude different or similar ot Tao Qian?
Du Fu is probably one of the most respected of all Chinese poets of the classical era. Given your understanding of, especially Confucian ideals, why do you think he is so admired? Do the poems reveal any of these Confucian ideals?
5. Compare him with Tao Qian, do you see any differences in the general tone and mood in their poems? Can you give a specific example?
-You dont have to get super specific- just answer the questions fully.