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two dinners meals plan

This is three separate meals: one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner.  They should be three totally different meals, not the same meal repeated and should not be any of the already submitted meals from past assignments.  These will be 3 of the 21 full meals you create for yourself this

semester.  You have already completed 2 full days or 6 meals from prior assignments.  These will bring you to 9 of 21 unique (totally different from each other) full meals in your 21 meal, Meal Plan.  Make sure to include all Macro and Micro Nutrients, including each of their

amounts, meal-timing, meal-spacing from the meal before and after, total calories and one or two words about the meal prep (ie. if cereal, cold or hot; if it’s chicken, was it fried, baked, etc.).Please do this in a CHART, please.  It makes it much easier for me to follow.  No long paragraphs.  Simply make a chart including columns with each variable and input the information requested for your meal.  Please remember, it is not ok to

have only a fruit or tea or water or to skip any meals for the purpose of these assignments.  That will result in zero credit for the percentage of the assignment that this part represents. – [ ] You only need 2-3 vitamins and 2-3 minerals per meal.  Sugar is still not a micronutrient though. I need it on Thursday by 3pm because it is two dinners meals plan 1/2 page I think