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You did not show me that you looked, as instructed, at all the philosophers in Sophie’s World and made your choice after doing so.

I said explicitly that I rarely approve papers on Plato and Socrates, because most people pick them because they’ve heard of them and we’ve covered them–yet when we get to other philosophers later, they realize that they were more interested in the later ones.

You do not want to write and I do not want to read a paper whose topic you do not care about.

Understand: Socrates is of course a magnificent philosopher, and there are many good reasons for choosing him. Yet there might be a better choice for Mr. Dokota, given your specific life and interests. I do understand that, for some particular reasons of your own, you may be attracted to / intrigued by / disturbed by Socrates, and really wish to write about his philosophy. If so, make that case to me. Say what intrigues you and why it does.

So re-submit a proposal as a Word doc attached to an email. Do what was asked in the prompt.

1. Seek my approval for your suggested philosopher. Do so by…

2. Saying what it is about you that makes you interested in what exact thing about the chosen philosopher, and by

3. Showing, via a list of 2 or 3 books or articles found in the College Library, that you have begun looking at the books your philosopher wrote, and are thinking about which to research.