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Urban and Regional Planning GIS Program Data Collection and Researching UP110 Fall 2022 Statistics Canada 2021 Census Tract Data
Students are introduced to Statistics Canada as well as how to access and interpret data within an assigned Census Tract (CT).
Each student is required to prepare a statistical research report on one of the assigned census tracts within the City of Hamilton.
Students will analyze the 2021 Census Tract (CT) Information
Students can either physically or virtually visit the CT neighbourhood through Google
Streetview. The student will make conclusions based on what they see in the
neighbourhood and what statistical data reports.
Census information is available online and is accessed through the Mohawk College
Library Guide for Urban Planning.
Each student is required to prepare and submit a report describing their study area from a statistical standpoint. The report must be typed written in a Word Processing software and include the follow:
o A title page indicating who prepared the report (student name and number), who the report is prepared for, the subject of the report and the date
o An introduction describing the purpose of the report (do not use the assignment purpose).
o A descriiption about what a Census Tract (CT) is and whether the boundaries of a CT can change?
o A summary descriiption of the neighbourhood
o Include a map showing the CT area (this can obtained from Census Canada)
o Adescriiptionofthestudyarealocation(location,generalcharacteristics(i.e.built
form) etc.)
o An explanation of how the study was undertaken (access material online, used
Google Maps/Google Earth, drew conclusions from data).
The following attributes must be included in the report:
o Population figures and average persons per household o Population density
o Average Age
o Familystructure(i.e.oneparenthome)
o Familyincome
Assignment No. 3 Statistics Canada
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o Commutinghabits(drivervs.publictransit).Dwellingsbytypeandtenure(i.e. rental vs ownership)
o Education
o Average cost of housing for rental and owned.
o Households spending more than 30% of income on shelter costs.
Analysis to include a descriiption of the census tract statistics and how the statistics for the assigned census tract compares to statistics for the City Hamilton by percentage.
Students are to create at least (2) charts or graphs that compare (i.e. CT Age groups compared to CMA Age groups).
The student shall analyze and make conclusions on the neighbourhood characteristics they have been assigned. These characteristics could be: the neighbourhood is mature (average or mean population is over 60 years of age) and how does that age correlate to the percentage of mortgages, housing type, income level, children living at home?
A brief discussion as to why statistics is useful to the planning industry. Report/structure Formatting:
The student is required to attach only the statistics referenced in comparison form to the City of Hamilton in excel format (hint you can download the stats).
The report should not exceed six (6) pages excluding title page and attachments.
Students are to include a Google Streetview picture of the neighbourhood as an
appendix. If you live in Hamilton and rather visit the neighbourhood, that is acceptable.
Font Type: non sanserif (i.e. Arial, Calibri etc.)
Line spacing 1.15 (multiple) maximum 1.5
Use heading/subheading to breakdown your report into manageable and readable
chunks (think about the reader)!
Do not use contractions (i.e. Dont)
Do not use first person (i.e., I think x correlates to y because).
If other sources are used to help guide you with interpretation, ensure you properly cite
the source using APA format