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Use of information for quality of care

Your final project is broken down into 4 sections. Week 3 you will submit your chosen topic, each student will select a topic of interest and no two

students will be approved for the same topic. Suggested topics can be found in the course materials tab. Week 5 you will submit a minimum of 5

references in APA format. The references must be from a peer-reviewed scholarly source. Commercial (.com) web sites, Wikipedia, newspapers, magazines and educational material for the lay public are not considered scholarly references. Week 8 you will submit your final paper. Week 9 you

will submit your presentation on the discussion board for feedback from your peers.  ·      APA format (7th edition of the APA manual. Papers for

students) ·      Title page ·      Abstract ·      5-10 pages o   Introductory paragraph o   Headings o   Concluding paragraph ·      Citations ·      Reference page (minimum of 5 scholarly references)