1. Use Trinity Western Universitys library to locate 5 scholarly leadership articles. Please refrain from using
internet articles unless you are sure that they fit the scholarly requirements
mentioned in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3tSVjz2ke4 or
2. Use the following steps to complete your assignment 1
a. List out the selection criteria for the five leadership scholarly articles. Share
the rationale for why you selected them for this assignment. Do start your
assignment 1 by listing out the author(s), article title, abstract, journals name,
and pages for all five articles before you start answering why you selected
them. (about 700 words).
b. Summarize the important points in a systematic way of the 5 leadership
scholarly articles individually and aggregately (What?).
c. Express your leadership interest after you have completed step b. What is
your passion for your leadership journey? What do you want to accomplish in
your leadership journey? How to get there? In your LDRS 591, you will be
asked to conduct secondary research. What topic(s) do you have in mind
based on Step b?