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Using Anthropology Outside the Academy
Paper details:
1. You will write two or three sentences on each reading, summarizing one or two of its key points in your own words (not using direct quotes). Seriously, keep it brief.
2. After writing the summaries, you will then write a brief overall paragraph (not one for each reading) that brings your own voice to bear on the issues and ideas at hand. You will apply one or more concepts from the readings to your own experiences and observations, something happening in the news, to something in pop culture, or the like.
3. Finally, you will pose at least one final thoughtful question or provocative topic based on the readings that can be used for further discussion in class.
4. Use “Perspective” book for specific chapter for this topic.

Part of the rubric used to assess this aspect of the course goes as such:

1: You show a poor understanding of the concepts, do not apply them appropriately to your own thoughts or experiences. You submit a question that does not address the concepts.

2: You show a good understanding of the concepts and apply them appropriately to your own thoughts and experiences. Your question/topic is relevant to the weeks readings, but does not encourage in-depth discussion.

3: You show an excellent understanding of the concepts, synopsizing them well and bringing your own thoughts and experiences to bear in a sophisticated way. Your question/topic is rich and/or promises to lead to in-depth discussion.