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1. An introduction setting out your understanding of the task, your planned approach. (150-200 words) 5 marks

2. An outline of the organizational context selected for the report and key milestones in its development. (200-300 words) 5 marks(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

3. Evidence of your engagement with relevant academic sources and literature. You should aim to demonstrate balanced critical evaluation of relevant theoretical concepts drawn from a range of appropriate sources (2000-2500 words maximum) 40 marks(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

4. Application of theory in the context of your selected organization, as directed above, and using insights and examples from your literature review to provide support for any observations and arguments (1200-1500 words maximum) 30 marks(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

5. A short concluding section drawing conclusions about the relevance of Strategic Management theory in informing organizational strategy (400-500 words maximum) 15 marks

6. A short ‘Reflective Assessment’ of your key learning from undertaking the assignment (150-300 words) 5 marks(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

7. A reference list for all resources used in compiling your report. This element is not part of your word count.

8. Appendices (if appropriate) including evidence of approval for your selected organization – not part of the word count for the assignment.(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)