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  1. “Attend” one of the Ivy Tech virtual or in person programming events that can be found on MyIvy’s College Calendar. Or, find a museum offering a free virtual tour or community resource offering a free workshop to “attend” virtually or in person. 

  2. Describe the event you “attended.”

Part 2: In 350-500 words, answer the following questions:

  • How were you increasing your interdependence when you participated in this event (use ch. 5 to research this term, if you are not already familiar with it)?

  • How did it feel to be a part of a “new” community, even though it’s virtual? 
  • Using the descriptions in ch. 5, explain how you are more independent, dependent, codependent or interdependent?
    • What can you do to become more interdependent?
  • What are your next three steps in actively pursuing a support network?
  • How can participating in events like these or using resources on campus (such as the ones explained in ch. 5 under the “Get Help from College Resources” section) help develop support system?  
  • Discuss how getting involved and making connections now could lead to future networking or potential career opportunities.