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Visual Analysis

For essay #2, students will write an analysis of a visual argument. In this analysis, students will examine how visual, verbal, and possibly audio,

elements work together to create either an effective or ineffective argument. Goals: Examine logos, pathos, and ethos Examine the potential persuasive power of the visuals we engage with everyday Examine the importance of audience consideration when creating texts, visual or

written Review strategies for writing clearly and descriptively Review strategies for stating conclusions and supporting those conclusions with evidence Review basic documentation guidelines Basic Essay Requirements: All essays should discuss logos, pathos, ethos All essays should

describe the visual, verbal, and if applicable, audio elements of the image All essays will consider the images strengths and weaknesses and

comment on overall effectiveness of the image in achieving its persuasive goals. Nuts-and-bolts: Length: 800 1200 words (3 to 5 pages for point of reference) In-text citations and Works Cited page required 12 Point, Tacoma or other sans serif font Double space the document Please

review the remarks [in bold and in brackets] inside the essay, which were obtained via the Smarthinking Tutor Response Form, and make the necessary modifications as indicated. Thank you so much for all of your assistance!