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Was the classroom library appropriately set up and actively used?

 instructions in the document attached Required Assignment – Teacher Observation Reflection Guide Your observation reflection should be broken up into the following eight sections and address each of the following areas (including any other pertinent information):

Summary ● Briefly summarize the lesson. ● Include date, time, grade level ● Include content area, time allotted for the lesson ● How many students ● Type of classroom: pull-out/push-in, dual language, self-contained ENL, ICT, etc. Classroom Setting: ● How was the classroom arranged? ● What types of charts and student work were displayed? ● Was the classroom library appropriately set up and actively used? ● How were things organized throughout the room? Did everything have a clear instructional purpose? ● Were there clear expectations/routines in place? (i.e. student needed to sharpen pencil, use restroom, had a question, etc.) Overview of Lesson/Objectives ● What subject(s) was being addressed?

● What types of books/materials were being used for the lesson? Any specific for EBLs or special education students? ● Was there evidence of differentiation? ● Was this a brand new unit/lesson or a continuation? ● What were the lesson objectives? ● What important content and concepts did students learn from the lesson? ● What academic standards were being addressed? ● What were the language objectives for EBLs? Teaching Strategies ● How did the teacher introduce the lesson? ● What strategies/activities/tasks were facilitated to ensure EBLs would be equally engaged? ● What did the teacher do during any group or independent work time? ● If there was a paraprofessional or co-teacher, what was he/she doing? ● How did the teacher handle any behavior concerns? Students who did not understand the lesson? Students not on task? Students/Learning Activities or Tasks ● What were the learning activities or tasks within this lesson that actively engaged students? ● How did the students build knowledge and skills; learn independently and with others; demonstrate knowledge, ability and creativity; and manage learning? ● In what ways was the lesson challenging, authentic and multidisciplinary? ● What were some of the observations of student behaviors throughout the lesson? ● What types of questions did they have? ● Were students on-task? ● In what types of conversations (if any) were students engaged? ● Did you notice any students who seemed lost or unsure? ● Were student expectations clear? ● Did students feel confident/comfortable enough to ask their teacher for assistance or clarification? ● Were there any peer pairings?

Assessment (Formal/Informal) ● How does the teacher know that the students have reached the lesson objectives? ● What informal assessments did the teacher facilitate during instruction? ● What types of formal or informal assessments were facilitated to gauge student comprehension? My Turn ● If you were teaching this particular lesson, what might you do differently and why? ● What parts of the lesson and classroom environment could you adopt for your own classroom? ● Please support your thoughts with references from readings and discussions from our class, and from previous coursework completed in your program of study. Lasting Impressions ● What was your overall impression of the school, class, teacher, lesson and students, etc?