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Code of Ethics
Paper details:
Code of Ethics
Create a code of ethics for leaders responding to crisis events. The code must

have at least 10 original, ethical guideline statements,
include statements that are written in complete sentences (For example, accountability is a guiding principle, but it is not a specific guideline. Instead, an ethical guideline based on the principle of accountability might be, “We will publicly acknowledge errors in production, policy, or judgment that harmed stakeholders.”), and
include guidelines that demonstrate you are applying course concepts.

For examples of codes of ethics, you can conduct a search for policies from organizations and industry associations similar to the one you have selected for the project. Be sure to review the codes ONLY to familiarize yourself with the types of statements that are included and the overall format.
IMPORTANT NOTE: To complete the assignment, you must write original guidelines. Ensure that you do not plagiarize another policy by using guidelines contained in existing codes.