4. Choose one early learning standard (infants through 8 years) that you will
use for this activity plan. You may choose the standard from your home
state’s standards or from the Connecticut Early Learning and
Development Standards (CTELDS).
B. Activity Plan

Describe your activity plan with the following elements

1. Name the topic: List your topic selection from Unit 1.

2. Name the activity. Provide a descriptive activity name.

3. Describe the activity. What are you asking children to do?
CHS250 – STEM in the Early

Childhood Education Classroom
Unit 2 Assignment: Activity Plan

4. Write the selected early learning standard. Include the text of the
standard and the source/state. Refer to the unit optional resources to find
websites for state and CT early learning standards.

5. Identify learning goal. Refer to your topic and use the early learning

standard that you selected for this lesson to write one learning goal. The
learning goal should describe what the children will learn, know, or be able
to do as a result of the lesson.

 Briefly explain how the learning goal

connects to the topic and early learning standard.
6. Identify vocabulary words: Identify and list 3-5 vocabulary words that

relate to your topic, will be used with the children during the activity, and
will build their understanding of the concept(s).

7. Identify materials: List concept-related materials for children’s hands-on
learning about the topic.

8. Describe community and family involvement: Briefly and explicitly describe
one idea for how you could involve the family and community in children’s
learning about the topic.