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“7.1. Using the tabular notation shown in Figure 7.3, specify the weather station use cases for Report status and Reconfigure. You should make reasonable assumptions about the functionality that is required here.”
“Use case descriptionReport weather

Weather station

Use case
Report weather

Weather information system, Weather station

The weather station sends a summary of the weather data that has been collected from the instruments in the collection period to the weather information system. The data sent are the maximum, minimum, and average ground and air temperatures; the maximum, minimum, and average air pressures; the maximum, minimum and average wind speeds; the total rainfall; and the wind direction as sampled at 5-minute intervals.

The weather information system establishes a satellite communication link with the weather station and requests transmission of the data.

The summarized data is sent to the weather information system.

Weather stations are usually asked to report once per hour, but this frequency may differ from one station to another and may be modified in future.”

“8.1. Explain why it is not necessary for a program to be complete”

8.4. You have been asked to test a method called cat Whitespace in a Paragraph object that, within the paragraph, replaces sequences of blank characters with a single blank character. Identify testing partitions for this example and derive a set of tests for the cat Whitespace method.”ly free of defects before it is delivered to its customers.”

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Sommerville, I. (2016). Software engineering (10th ed.). Pearson.

Chapter 7: Design and Implementation
Chapter 8: Software Testing