Assignment Directions


Conduct a search for a health-related website for evaluation. Websites that address specific populations or diagnoses are acceptable. Any website or mobile app that provides health information can be used for this evaluation but the site cannot already be Health on the Net (HON) certified. To determine if a website is HON certified, look at the bottom of the website for the presence or absence of the HON symbol:


Access and review the HON guidelines at HON Code ( There are eight principles with an explanation of what constitutes meeting each principle. For each principle provide information about the following:

·       An analysis of the websites’ ability to meet the principle

·       If the website fails to meet the principle, propose changes to improve the website

·       If the website meets the principle, provide an example or excerpt from the website


Provide an overall analysis of the website to include if you would recommend this website to your patients and why. Include a conclusion that examines the reading level of the website content (use this calculator to determine grade level of word content: 

·       Identify the target population for use of the site and the overall impression of ability to meet the needs of the population. For example, is the reading level appropriate for the intended audience? Why or why not?