Market failures occur throughout the economy. Locate an article discussing a market failure. In a narrated PowerPoint presentation, summarize what occurred.

  • Present the issue from the company’s perspective:
    • What were the benefits to the company?
    • Did the benefits to the company provide additional positive externalities?
  • Next present the issue from society’s perspective.
    • How was society damaged by the company’s action?
    • Based on your assessment, did the market failure result in a net benefit or cost to society overall? Explain why.

Review the Narrated PowerPoint Tutorial for help with your narration.

Presentation Requirements

  • Narration length: 3-5 minutes
  • Slide length: 5-7 slides (not including title slide and references slide)
  • Title slide
  • Conclusion slide
  • References slide (minimum of 1 news article cited in APA format; not narrated)