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            Week 8 – Harvard Business Case Write-up # 2         

  • Due   Friday by                  11:59pm  

Please Read Harvard Business Case – Should Maruti Suzuki Invest in Electric Cars? available at

and answer the questions below in detail:

1) Why does the Indian government want to phase out fossil fuel cars  and replace them with e-cars?  Why is Maruti reluctant to immediately  forge ahead in the e-car segment?

2) Conduct a SWOT analysis of Maruti in the e-car segment.  Based on  the SWOT analysis, should Maruti enter the e-car market or wait?

3) Based on the current business and economic environment in India,  should Maruti enter the e-car segment?  Use game theory approach to  answer this question.  Identify the players, their strategies, and the  appropriate game theory format to represent the conflicting situation.   Provide appropriate justification and use your own payoffs for each  strategy option selected by the players.

4) If Maruti decides to enter the e-car market, what should be its mode of entry?

5) What would be an appropriate time for Maruti to enter the e-car market?

6) What should the Indian government do to promote the e-car market?

7) Why are e-cars considered a disruptive technology?  Should the  Indian government be part of the disruptive technology, considering that  the country has already invested huge amounts of money in conventional  cars and oil refineries? What are the benefits of this approach and what  is at stake?

All papers must be between 8 to 10 pages long with proper APA  format.  In addition, students must use between 5 to 8 scholarly  resources to answer the questions above.