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Response Paper for Article
Paper details:
Purpose/Definition of Genre:

In a reaction or response paper, writers respond to one or more texts they have read. A reaction paper may include a discussion of interesting questions that the readings raise for the student.

It is not a summary of all the main points of the authors text. It is opinion-based and reflects how you feel.


Please write a reaction paper of 3-5 FULL pages responding to the Ghostbusters article you chose. You will use your summary paper as a skeleton and weave in your responses. Don’t forget to use evidence from the movie to support your points as well. You are essentially agreeing, disagreeing, or some combination of both, with the article’s points.

Audience: Your audience can be thought of us someone who saw the movie but did not understand it as deeply as you did. They also have no knowledge of your article. Basically, the same audience your author had in mind when he/she wrote his/her Ghostbusters article.

Guiding Thoughts:

Consider responding to 3-4 of the article’s main points. Decide how much you will take on.

Include your own voice by weighing arguments, evaluating evidence, and raising critical questions. If there seems to be something important that none of the authors discussed, point it out and state what you think its significance is. Try to be as specific as possible.