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Wellness includes physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual health. A wellness program will have a greater likelihood of success when there is a well-thought implementation strategy. In this assignment, you will further develop your hypothetical wellness program by detailing the dimensions of the program and the strategy. Be sure to include these details in your paper:
Updated introductory paragraph.
The extent to which each of the 5 dimensions of optimal health will be covered in your program (see table 3-1 of the textbook), with brief detail regarding the specific aspects covered (for example: fitness, conflict resolution, mentoring, etc.).
Your AMSO strategy for the program (see pp. 86 91 of the textbook), including how wellness Awareness will be promoted, how employees can be Motivated to participate, how wellness Skills will be taught, and how Opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle will be offered.
Updated conclusion.
Papers should reflect the following specifications:
APA format, using APA section headings.
4 double-spaced pages for graduate students / 4 for undergraduates (plus any front and back matter).
Contain at least 4 additional scholarly references.