Summary Questions


1.Underline or highlight which characteristic is incorrect about enzymes.

a. Enzymes are proteins made in the cells of living organisms

b. Enzymes are used up in their reactions

coenzymes act as catalyst to lower the activation energy for reactions to occur

d. enzymes react with a specific substrate that fits into its active site

 2.Underline or highlight which characteristic is correct about enzymes.  

a. Enzymes can react with many substrates

b. Enzymes can be denatured by extreme temperature or pH

c. Most enzymes names end in the suffix ace

The substrate is destroyed by the enzyme and the leftover atoms combine to form the product

 3.Define denatured. to deprive of natural qualities

 4.What 3 activities of this lab showed denaturing of the enzyme, catechol oxidase?  

 5.What is the optimum range of pH and temperature that our bodies provide for the efficient functioning of our enzymes?