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What applications do you see for the content of this presentation to your practice as an NP

Requirements: Discussion Criteria Participating in the Discussion: You will be required to respond to at least two other students, who have no responses to their posting.** Your peer posts should add to the dialogue or ask questions about the presentation. Each post should be substantive and professional, and answer the following questions: 1.Does the chosen theory apply to the stated issue or concern presented? 2.Is the presentation clear and easy to follow? 3.Did the presentation provide sufficient evidence to support the presenter’s recommendations? 4.Is there an alternate theory that you would suggest for the issue or concern? 5.Does the presentation add to nursing knowledge? 6.What applications do you see for the content of this presentation to your practice as an NP? Use the questions ABOVE to respond to student RESPONSE BELOW USING THE QUESTIONS. Hello class. And Dr. Strasberg, welcome to my presentation. This is simple Thomas alone call theoretical framework to support evidence-based practice. Introduction. In this PowerPoint, Pinterest health promotion model will be discussed. Also the relevance of the health promotion model towards family nurse practitioner. We will discuss how nurse life is considered as a role model. We will examine hello mortal can help to guide evidence based practice. Theory relevance to family nurse practitioner. Vendors health promotion model is very relevant to family nurse practitioner role. As unlike any other nurse practitioner roles, family nurse practitioners consult a patient of all stages of HIV from babies to geriatrics. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is the key element of this theory. This is a learned behavior, learned best starting from childhood. Medication complaints helps control a disease or prevent is progress. E.g. for boogie at all says, strokes and related morbidity can be controlled or prevented. Medication compliance.

According to Massu the et al. For her heart failure patients, not only quality of life, but also their mental health and social life can be positively impacted through this model. In a study conducted by turk et al, chief nursing officers said that they used nursing theory to guide practice. As they noticed, that it is positively affected. It has positively affected patient outcomes, enhanced a healing environment. Get nurses in line with the organization’s values without deviating from it and positively affected nursing professionalism overall. A concern to family nurse practitioner and its impact on health care. According to villus et al, living a life of a nurse is setting a standard in society. Nurses are expected to be role models. As someone who possess a healthy lifestyle. As a role model, nurses need to live a healthy life. Teach patients how to live a healthy life. This expectation puts nurse practitioners up to a concern that they have to live up to it.

Theory to guide evidence-based practice to address concern. Panders, Health Promotion Theory is easy to carry out. Health education is the key study among obese woman done in Iran shows that with education and evaluating barriers, helping to overcome the barriers. Women in the study made watch wiser nutritional decisions. The study was done by coda waste et al in 2017. In conclusion, panders Health Promotion Theory can contribute towards the role of a family nurse practitioner. Significantly. This theory is not only easy to understand, but it’s also realistic to carry out and practice it. These other references. Oh, my presentation.