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Last lab of the semester!!!!!!!!! And final part to the research project series. The successful completion of Week 8_ Lab # 7: Lab Research project & Week 12_Lab # 11: Research project assignment #2 will allow the seamless completion of this lab.

The aim of this lab is for you to be able to synthesize the literature review and readings you have completed into one reviews/commentary on your question of interest. This will flex your scientist and science communication muscle.

The assignment should be at minimum 4 paragraphs (20 sentences). The target audience you should write this for is your average undergrad Bio major that has taken Gen Bio 1& 2, and that you want to get excited about Neuro ^_^!

Formating guidelines:

0.5 inch margins
Arial font
Size 12 font
Single space

For this assignment I want you to :

Introduce your research topic
Provide background information on what the field knows? What don’t we know?
What has been new research in this field?
What are questions still left unanswered that we should prioritize?
What has fascinated you the most looking into this research topic?