Discussion Questions:
As mentioned above, one aspect of patient-centered care is fostering a culturally sensitive and diverse clinic environment that makes patients feel more welcome. Discuss 3-4 methods in which this may be accomplished?
In order to provide good care for a culturally diverse patient population, it is important to gain some understanding of their ways of being (their belief systems, their traditions, their feelings towards western medicine, etc.). Share your thoughts on a particular patient population that may have unique beliefs about health and illness that would be important to understand?
How well do providers know their patients? Can you think of a patient population (a culture, ethnicity, religious group, sexual orientation) with which you do not have much familiarity? How might this lack of knowledge impact the provision of care?
What are some ways in which providers could be better educated in regards to the beliefs and traditions of the patient population? How might this intervention benefit the patients?
That is still under the first question. I think those are the questions should be answer below ASSIGNMENT A