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What are the advantages and disadvantages of image manipulation in digital art and design? This assignment requires you to write a multimedia publication in Linkr Education and then link to it here in this discussion and respond to two students. Feel free to comment on the publications contributed by your classmates in Linkr or here in Moodle in response to student work. Review the instructions for Linkr Profile and Publications.

To prepare for this discussion, complete all of the readings in this module and explore the resources related to Cindy Shermans photography. Watch some of the videos that are available at the Cindy Sherman web sites.
For this Linkr publication, create an original digital image that demonstrates image manipulation. This could be a self-portrait, landscape, still life, collage, and/or abstract work. The original digital image may be taken with your phone, a photograph from your collection, or a digitized version of your artwork in any form. It is fine to use the image edit features on your phone to alter the image or work with a photo-editing program if you prefer. Alter the image in some way (or multiple ways) and think about the relationship between these changes and the aesthetics and meaning of your artwork. Review the Digital Tools for Producing and Publishing Visual Information to support the development of your self-portrait.
Go to Linkr and write a multimedia publication that includes your image and addresses the following questions:
How did your artwork change from the original image to the altered one?
How did the digital manipulation process change both the aesthetics and meaning of the final image?
Which image is most accurate in speaking the truth about the subject?
Did the alterations add any nuance, meaning, or emotional impact to the original?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of image manipulation in digital art and design?
Put it all together in your multimedia publication based on these guidelines:
Written response to the questions (200-word minimum)
Assert a perspective in your own voice and support with research.
Include the use of hypertext links, and other features such as bold, italics, etc. to style your professional posting.
Do not rely too heavily on quotes but if you do quote make sure to cite your sources with quotation marks, in-text citations, and a reference at the end. Use an appropriate citation style (MLA, APA or Chicago) to cite references, websites, or anything you comment on that someone else said.