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1. Discuss four different lines of evidence for evolution. For each line of evidence give examples of how it is evidence for evolution.
There are four different lines of evidence for evolution, being fossil evidence,
2. What are the causes of microevolution? Discuss in terms of the processes (2 modes of speciation) that lead to macroevolution.
4. A population was surveyed to determine the percentage of individuals with detached earlobes and attached earlobes. 16% of the population was found to have attached earlobes, a trait coded for by a recessive allele. Calculate the allele, genotype and phenotype frequencies of the population, assuming Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is maintained.
5. What are the three types of natural selection? Draw graphs for each and give an example for each type. For example you could discuss what type was observed by the Grants who were studying the Galapagos finches.
6. Define and describe prezygotic and postzygotic isolating mechanisms (at least two types of both). Describe how these isolating mechanisms work during premating, mating and after fertilization.