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 What are the ecological costs to ship the product, in terms of fuel/pollution?

Biography of the Traveling Pants This exercise will require you to look at your personal consumption habits and consider your involvement in the global economic system. • Go to your closet and find a piece of clothing that was manufactured in a foreign land

.  Do some research on the history of that piece of clothing using the following questions as guidelines: ◦ What company makes the clothing? ◦ Where was the clothing made?  ◦ How much did it cost in the store? ◦ How much was it new? ◦

Who, in terms of laborers, made the item? ◦ What wages were the laborers paid? How much is the CEO of the company paid? ◦ How much did it cost to ship, domestically and internationally? (Most likely you will be considering bulk international shipping, rather than individual packages.) ◦

What are the ecological costs of the product (is there environmental damage done in the production?

How much energy is required to make the item?

 What are the ecological costs to ship the product, in terms of fuel/pollution?

◦ What will you do with the item to give it a “second life”? ◦ What does the journey of this article of clothing inform us about our culture?

• In the M9 Discussion forum, describe the journey of your piece of clothing, from its creation overseas to its “un-use” and disposal in America, including the social and environmental impacts of the journey. Be sure to address the question:

what does this exercise inform you about your culture? Don’t forget to cite your sources!