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What are the ethical motivations for their actions? 

Background Check” episode summary: Winston is undergoing a home evaluation as part of his police academy training. When his roommates find out a superior officer will be visiting the loft, Jess panics upon remembering she has a bag of what she believes are methamphetamines hidden in her closet. She enlists Nick, Schmidt, and Coach to help her dispose of the meth as Winston remains unaware. As the roommates unravel under the pressure of their secret, they come to learn that what they thought was a bag of meth was, in fact, a bag of decorative aquarium rocks. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlY1iGgxa5s After you have read the episode summary and watched the video, for your initial discussion post, respond to the following questions: What are the metaphysical implications of the “bag of meth” for Jess, Coach, Nick, and Schmidt? What are the metaphysical implications for Winston and Sergeant Dorado? What are the epistemological implications for those involved? You can extrapolate beyond the immediate characters and think about others who might be involved, like the police academy/department Winston hopes to join, or the landlord of the loft. What are the value-theory implications of those involved? Specifically, who is behaving ethically and who is behaving unethically? What are the ethical motivations for their actions?