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What are the gaps, inconsistencies and limitations?

each student is required to hand in a 3-page critical reading response paper.  You are to write a reading response incorporating and tie in the two articles that were provided.  Try not to summarize the readings, but rather engage with the theoretical ideas put forth by the author. Think

about the following questions as you read and write: Do you agree with the author? Do you disagree with the author? What is the author trying to convey in the piece? What new insights are offered? What do you believe is missing? Do the readings speak to your own experience? How is it

challenging you? Your reading response should a) address the readings in some capacity (I want to know that you have read the pieces) and b) offer a critical engagement with the ideas offered. Engage with the readings. The goal of these critical reflections is not to have any authoritative or definite answers, but to showcase how you are thinking and engaging with the material. You may end up having more questions after the

readings, which I encourage you to incorporate into your reading reflection. As you write this critical response imagine your audience to be the instructor, your fellow classmates and even the author(s) you are responding to. Consider the following questions to guide you as you critically read and engage with this assignment (you do not need to answer all of these questions in your assignment they are designed to get you thinking about the readings:   a) What were the main themes or ideas covered in the article or chapter? b) What were the authors main thesis, argument, and/or conclusion? Does it resonate with you? Why or why not? c) What kinds of evidence did the author use to explain or support his/her thesis, argument or conclusion? d) Does this article or chapter support or contradict others that you have read? (Be specific and offer

informed evidences/arguments for your thoughts)

e) What questions or critiques would you raise after reading the article?

What are the gaps, inconsistencies and limitations?

f) What are the implications of the authors argument? g) How does this article speak to your own experiences?

h) How does this article or chapter speak to the course? -double space -times new roman font -3 pages or 1000 words -numbered pages -paragraph form -APA for in text citations and references *No external sources to be used, only the two articles provided  *I Uploaded Both