Project on contemporary luxury
Paper details:

You will develop and deliver a primary data-driven analysis on a contemporary trend or aspect of luxury.

Approach this assessment by narrowing down a topic that you want to address in the form of a research question. Possible topics might be around luxury consumption habits, opinions or (Do millennials/Gen Z shop pre-loved luxury? What are the luxury brands millennials/Gen Z in London follow on social media? Is sustainability an important criteria for African affluent consumers?) Please make sure you choose a topic you can easily find relevant primary data, i.e. you have easy access to survey respondents or interviewees.

First, you will have to provide an outline of the topic by bringing in academic and newspaper articles. You will then enunciate your research question. This part should be around 1,000 words

Second, you will gather your primary data. You will have to choose one of the mining methods explored in class (interviews, focus groups, survey), create your questions/survey based on the question you have and the knowledge gathered so far. You will have to report the results of your analysis and your conclusions in the light of your research question. This part should be around 2,500 words.

As part of the assignment, you will have also to reflect on your primary research experience highlighting: how did you expect the exercise to go? What challenges did you encounter? What would you do differently another time? This part should be around 500 words.