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What are the problems that conventional ideas of language and communication pose for a scientific understanding of verbal behavior? Be sure to mention Hart & Risleys study (described in Johnson) in your response.
*You must use three sources (Cooper) of Applied Behavior Analysis and one of the links below and a peer reviewed source
Hart and Risley Lesson
Mentioned in your Johnston reading this week is the Hart and Risley Study. It is an interview with Todd Risley and will provide more insight into their work. Even today, many mainstream education advocates will reference this study. Unfortunately, we are not closer to a solution as to how to address the disparity in early childhood education.
Hart and Risley StudyLinks to an external site.
Hart and Risley Study Video Transcript & CCLinks to an external site.
As you are probably well aware, verbal behavior is a very complex topic that proves challenging for even a seasoned behavior analyst. This week, you were assigned a particularly difficult article that you should save and read again in the future. Moore (2000) reviewed a myriad of implications of verbal behavior to contemporary issues that are continuing to evolve within and outside of applied behavior analysis. Examples of advanced topics mentioned were multiple control, stimulus equivalence, and relational frame theory. Unlike the other articles assigned in the coursework, rest assured that you will not be quizzed on Moore (2000).
To summarize the modules on Verbal Behavior, please watch this Skinner Interview.
B.F. Skinner Focus on Verbal Behavior (1988)Links to an external site.
F. Skinner Focus on Verbal Behavior (1988) Video Transcript & CC