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What are the psychological and/or physical benefits of fishing as a hobby?

Extra instructions:  Your job in the exploratory draft (3 pages) isnt to actually write a paper on your chosen topic; that will happen with paper 3. Rather, your job will be to basically create an outline, in essay form, of how you propose tackling your topic: what your thesis will be; what your

main points will be (and in what order you plan to include them and why that order); which 2+ sources – of the ones youve compiled – youll use to support each of those main points; what counterargument you plan to address and refute; and how you plan to conclude. Note that the operative word in all of this is plan. Again, youre not writing the full paper yet, nor will you actually be quoting anything from your sources; youre simply laying the foundation. Use the first set of prompts (there are 5 of them) in the first half of your assignment sheet to guide your drafting and the info you include; they explain the content Im looking for. 

Youre also responsible for an annotated bibliography of the sources (you need 6 minimum) youve chosen to support your topic; use the 4 prompts in the second half of the assignment sheet to guide your content there. And if you need to see how all of this – draft and bibliography –

look in final form, open the sample annotated student paper in essay 2s folder and read through it, paying particular attention to the comments in

the margins, as these explain what the student did, where, how, and why. Its very helpful if youre a visual learner and/or need an example to model your own work after