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Submit your extra credit HBS case individual written assignment (in Word format) here. This is due by 11.59 pm on 20 Nov 2022. Please indicate your HBS Case on your cover page and list the respective questions before providing your responses. You will be assessed on the quality of your responses to the 5 questions. No Reference list is required.
This is an optional extra credit assignment worth up to 4% of the overall course grading. Students may select a case from the list of HBS cases discussed in class (other than what you presented in class) for this individual written assignment. You will be required to provide written responses to all questions associated with each HBS including one question on What were the relevant business strategy-related lessons learned from the case? This assignment is intended to encourage students to participate actively in the weekly HBS case discussion presented by other teams. It serves to assess the extent to which key concepts are understood and applied to the case selected.
Q1: What are the key facts of the case (key players, events), and what are the key challenge(s) or decisions faced by the management team?
Q2: What is the nature of Amazons acquisition of Wholefoods? What are the rationales or motivations for Amazons diversification into the grocery business?
Q3: Are there synergies to be derived from such an acquisition? Where and how could Amazon use its technological prowess to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and to innovate in areas like grocery delivery?
Q4: What are the potential challenges and risks for Amazon in its diversification strategy with Wholefoods? How could Amazon mitigate the risks involved?
Q5: What are the key business strategy lessons that could be learned from this case? (Identify and explain at least 3 relevant lessons)