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What are the root causes of the economic downturn?

Select a 3-5 year period of time in a foreign country experiencing an economic downturn and analyze the macroeconomic issues occurring during that period of time. Economic downturns are usually thought of as recessions because these are the most common, but may also include periods of severe (hyper) inflation or stagflation (a simultaneous increase in unemployment and inflation).You should be looking for cause and

effect issues/impacts. The same topic will be used for all three parts of the project.

The topic should be approved by the instructor. Objective: To demonstrate an understanding of the root causes of the current economic downturn. Requirement: Select a country and a time period that you will use for analysis during the semester, per the criteria above. All topics below must be included in the paper with a minimum of 1 paragraph for each, plus and appropriate intro and conclusion.

What are the root causes of the economic downturn?

At least two (2) root causes must be

included in the paper. (1 paragraph for each root cause) Within the discussion, please relate the root causes to either market failure or government failure. Each root will be either market failure or government failure, but not both. Explain why each root cause is either market failure or government failure

.  Remember: The root cause will have occurred BEFORE the recession began. Do not include anything about what happened during the recession, the impact of the recession or how the government tried to intervene and fix the economy.  A minimum of 5 sources is required for this section. Submit a report that is roughly 3 pages of content, typed double-spaced.

  This paper is a formal, college-level paper which means that it should be written in that style. Do not use personal pronouns like "I," "we," "me," "you," etc. It should be well written with a introduction and conclusion and use appropriate citation. Works Cited Format: Must use APA 7 citation format. All references should be cited (5 sources minimum are required) Wikipedia is not an acceptable source! Each project needs to be in a single document (.doc or .pdf formats would work best) Typed, double-spaced in a readable 12-point font with margins no larger than 1” on all sides.