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What are the values, goals, and objectives of the organization?

Social Enterprise Paper Due March 9 Students will be tasked to conceptualize, strategize and develop a social enterprise paper, similar to a business plan for a unique, original start-up company in a 5-7 page paper. Social enterprise aims to fulfill an organizations mission by applying

business approaches and innovative solutions to support long-term sustainability and economic empowerment, while simultaneously creating social value and purpose. As a social innovator, develop a social entrepreneurship plan on the following sections: 1. Social Impact (1 2 pages) Be charismatic and explain how your social enterprise will address a problem and benefit a social change in the community. How can your original social enterprise impact social change?

What are the values, goals, and objectives of the organization?

How will the organization carry its mission through innovation, accountability, and financial sustainability needed for impact? Who will benefit from what you are doing? Why do you think your social enterprise is needed? State the problem clearly and the potential social impact that can be achieved through your business. (5 points) 2. Market Analysis (1 2 pages)  Who is likely to purchase your product or services? (target market) What would set you apart from the businesses that already exist? What trends have you seen and identified in the market? Use primary data related to your business area. Who is your competition? How will you test your market? What lessons have you learned as you moved through the analysis process? (7 points) 3. Marketing Strategy (1 page)  How will you get your product or service onto the market?

What types of distribution channels will you use? How will you promote or market your product or service?

What types of social media outlets will you use to generate hype about what you offer? Will you have assistance in creating a marketing plan?

If yes, who will it be, how much will it cost? How will you involve the target population to get critical feedback? (7 points) 4. Finance (1 – 2 pages) Create a simple spreadsheet on the cost of goods, and include a narrative of why you think your product or service would be a viable venture with sustainability. Do you need start-up capitol? If so, how much? Where will you borrow the start-up funds? What are the projected sales in Year 1, and Year 2?

Include all expenses (6 points). This paper has a total of 25 points. The paper should not exceed 7 pages (Note: This total does not include your bibliography or appendices section). Must use a minimum of two (2) primary sources of data (not secondary sources), and a minimum of three (3) scholarly peer-reviewed articles. Students may use other materials in Appendix B, publications related to indigenous groups, and/or Social Work. Please visit UHM SW Librarian for assistance. Articles published in the last ten (10) years are preferred, but not necessary. I was thinking of opening a Thereputic practice for adolescent with substance abuse – For Island of Maui, Hawaii