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What are we gonna discuss is the reason why persuasion so important.

This segment we are going to talk about is persuasion. What are we gonna discuss is the reason why persuasion so important. I’m going to try to persuade you on why working out is good and what are the benefits of working out. First one I can tell you of working out is good for you because I want to help you motivate you persuasion on doing graders and he’s pushing your self to your limits The reason why I’m working out is so good for you is one is a stress reliever he continues on peeing why does greater things that you are doing great for your body. Also it’s where does things that you are very surprised what you can actually do it and when you achieve your goals. Most likely you’re going to feel good about yourself because you are going to be doing greater things are going to be continuing on pushing him and excelling on great things that you have never seen or tell me one before but if you want to go out there and continue on pushing yourself.

I just wanted to say is that you have to push yourself and achieve those goals in your life regardless of whatever you’re going through with his depression stress work anxiety those are the things that you could use those tools to help you guide you through the process of getting stuff done. So basically want to tell you is that you need to go out there and she something as you know is your fitness he keeps you healthy he keeps you living longer and keeps you doing everything the greater good as possible when you do your fitness goals it helps you live longer and cheese things better for yourself. Also when you start eating right getting your diet down you start to see all those pounds in weight going off and it’s just so much rewarding if you start seeing details of your own body that you have achieved in all the stuff that you’ve been pushing yourself through is so much better for you. So after all of this is that I have been telling you guys about pushing yourself it’s easier motivation to get things done how are you need to get them done is it’s very rewarding very satisfying on her what I’m trying to tell you is that I need to try to go out there and do something exciting go out there and just do something totally unexpected