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What area is the organization focused on (niche)?

Need a Custom paper? Order it from one of our professional essay Writers Continue To Order For this assignment, you will need to select an organization (probably a national or international company, group, or organization). You will then need to examine that organization’s social media presence and the work they do to engage publics through social media. You will then write a 4-5 page paper (app. 1000-1500 words) based on your analysis. Please use the following template for constructing your paper. Please also use the headings noted below for each section so that the paper will be easy to follow: 1. Organizational Background The first part of the paper shoud be an analysis of the organization. There are a range of items you probably have learned in other PR classes that would be relevant here. A few examples include: What are the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)? What area is the organization focused on (niche)? How visible is the organization? What is its reputation? What publics does the organization focus on and what are their characteristics? What is the organization’s mission? This will have some of your personal opinion, but should also be supported through external research and citations. 2. Organizational Social Media This section of the paper should detail the social media work the group is doing. Some questions this section can answer include: What social media channels are they using? Why did they choose those channels? What are some examples of their social media communication (provide as much information, examples, and description as possible)? Is the channel/message they’re using a good match for the publics they’re focused on? Does their social media appropriately match the needs of the organization? 3. Organizational Social Media Assessment This section should be your own assessment of whether or not the organization is using social media effectively. It should EXTENSIVELY integrate content and concepts from our class readings. It should indicate what you feel has been successful in their social media and what you think isn’t working. You can conclude this section with some suggestions on how their social media usage could be even stronger. Need a Custom paper? Order it from one of our professional essay Writers Continue To Order