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Why was the document written? Was it intended to convince the audience (that you have already identified) and if it was, what logic or argument does it employ? Are you convinced? What assumptions does the author make? Are these assumptions explicit or implicit? What does the author leave unsaid? Sometimes what not there may be just as revealing as what is there.
Level 3: By now you should understand the document and be able to interpret the authors intentions. Your ability to answer the following questions will form the heart of your essay or response to the assignment.

Can you believe this document? Is there another side to the story? What knowledge do you possess that the author lacks, ignores, or suppresses?
What can you learn about the society that produced this document? How is the author a product of his/her environment and how is this reflected in the document?
What does this document mean to me? Every document had meaning to the society that produced it and for you. Does the document mean the same thing to you as it did the authors audience? Can you account for similarities and differences? Are they significant? What information is relevant and what is irrelevant? Does the article make generalizations?