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What can we learn about the historical period from analyzing this source?

INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE POSTED IN PDF ASWELL ALONG SIDE WITH MAIN SOURCE Renaissance Humanism – Machiavellis The Prince – Primary Source Analysis Instructions For this assignment you will conduct a primary source analysis of Niccolo Machiavellis The Prince. To do this, you will need to answer the following: Origin – Why was this document created? What is its purpose?

Content – What are the main ideas/points Machiavelli makes in The Prince? Context – What can we learn about the historical period from analyzing this source? Significance – What were the effects of this sources creation?

Why is it important for historians to analyze it? Success Criteria I can apply my understanding of how to analyze a primary source by analyzing The Prince, describing its origin and significance. (A) I can show my understanding of The Prince by describing Machiavellis main ideas/points, using specific quotes and explaining them to illustrate my understanding (K) I can show my knowledge of Renaissance humanism by placing The Prince in historical context using specific information and explanations (include relevant information from the lesson and your knowledge of Renaissance humanism). (K) I can communicate my understanding clearly and in an organized manner (C)  

Clear headings Proofread Concise  Connect your evidence (ex. quotes, paraphrases, etc.) to your analysis Cite your sources (if you used any outside sources) in Chicago style You do not need to cite Machiavellis The Prince or any other source provided in this lesson. Only cite other (outside – your own research) sources you used (if you used any). 

What format should I use? I recommend just making a Google doc and putting headings above paragraphs that answer the origin, content, context, and significance. If you have an idea for a different format, thats fine, just chat with me about it first to ensure that it fits with the scope of this assignment and the success criteria.  How long should this be? 1-2 pages double spaced. If its half a page double spaced its very likely you did not fully meet the success criteria. If it is 3+ pages you probably arent being as concise with your writing. Edit out the fluff and be straight to the point.