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What characterizes the Dominican immigrant stream?

I Will attach the document for these questions. 1. What characterizes the Dominican immigrant stream? 2. Why did the Dominicans immigrate to the United States after 1965? 3. What economic sectors are the Dominicans concentrated in (see table)? 4. How has immigration changed the role of women in the Dominican community? 5. Choose a passage from the article that made an impression on you. Why did this information make an impression on you? Explain. 6. Describe what the author means by “worker-clients” and “owner patrons”? what is your opinion about the relationship between these employers and workers? 7. How is the experience of Dominican women in NYC shaped by gender (shaped by them being women)? 8. What does Pessar write about the class status and identification of Dominicans in The Dominican Republic? 9. What does the article explain about Dominican male identity? What role do Dominican men play in their families? 10. How do the Dominicans in the article serve as a model of “middle men minorities?” Research “middle men minorities” in your textbook. What characterizes “middle man minorities?” 11. What are your general impressions of this article (write at least two paragraphs).