1. Read Chapter 12 of Oluo’s So You Want
to Talk About Race. As you read, try to
identify the point / purpose of the
chapter. In light of what we’ve already
read by Oluo,what is Chapter 12’s main contribution?
What concept, idea or issue is Oluo calling our attention to in this chapter?
Consider your own main takeaways,
insights, and experience of the chapter.
Some helpful prompts include:
From this chapter, I learned
It made me rethink / reconsider
Read Passmore’s Your Black Friend.
Read with Chapter 12 in mind and
consider how Passmore’s zine takes up or
illuminates ideas presented in Oluo.
Where do you see Oluo in Passmore’s
zine? How does Passmore help you
understand Oluo (and how does Oluo
help you understand Passmore)?

Part I: Summary and Quote Integration
Write a 1-paragraph (6-8 sentences)
summary of Chapter 12, focusing primarily
on Oluo’s main point / purpose for the chapter.
Your summary should
introduce the text and author,
Suggested template: In Chapter 12
of So You Want to Talk About Race,
Ijeoma Oluo.
provide a focused overview of a main
issue, point, or argument,
include key, relevant details,
and fully integrate a strategic/
purposeful direct quotation from the
Summary Overview
Summarizing means balancing brevity with
coverage-your job is to condense the text to
its important points and bring in evidence and
explanatory details that clarify these major
points. Effective summaries are not lists and
do not cover everything presented in a text. Instead, summaries should target the point(s),
details and specifics that focus the reader.
Additionally, summaries should be unbiased (a
reader should not be able to tell whether you
agree or disagree with the text from the
Part Il: Adding Passmore
Now, turn your attention to Passmore. In a
second paragraph (6-8 sentences)
introduce Passmore’s text by including the full
name of the author, the full title, and the genre
of the text (zine). Then spend 2-3 sentences on
describing the form the zine uses and
identifying some key elements, such use of
color, style of drawing, use of panels and / or dialogue bubbles, etc. Finally, in this
paragraph, consider and compare the impact
the two forms of intercultural communication
(Oluo and Passmore) have on you as a reader
and your understanding and reception of the
In a final, third paragraph (6-8 sentences)
explore connections you see between Oluo’s
book and Your Black Friend. One connection
should focus on Chapter 12 and another (or
others) on a different chapter from her book.
Integrate quotes from both Oluo and
Passmore as you explain these connections.
Be as specific as possible (make sure you cite pages and provide rich descriptions of aspects
in Passmore to add clarity to your