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what determines whether a defendant will be released or detained?

Criminal Justice Choose one of the following questions to answer in your primary post. For your secondary post, you may either reply to a classmate who answered the same question as you or a classmate who answered a different one. Be sure to offer new insight, ideas, or information in both of your posts in order to receive full marks.

Keep in mind that your primary post must be at least 300 words, and replies must be at least 150 words. You must use at least one academic, peer-reviewed article in your primary post. The textbook does not count as an academic source. Any supplemental material posted (e.g., YouTube video) also does not count as an academic source. Please refer to the enclosed rubric for specific grading criteria.

1. What is the function of bail? When bail is offered, what determines whether a defendant will be released or detained? What are some problems with cash bail? Do you believe cash bail should continue to be used by state courts? Defend your answer. 

2. What are the circumstances under which a defendant could be detained pre-trial? Do you think that pre-trial detention is a form of punishment? Is this just or unjust? What might be some consequences of even a short stay in jail? How does pre-trial detention affect a defendants case? Discuss your answer. 

3. Discuss how legal defense is provided for indigent (poor) defendants. What are some problems facing public defender services? What are some challenges for indigent defendants in receiving adequate legal defense? 

4. The power to be lenient also is the power to discriminate. Interpret and discuss this quote in relation to the exercise of prosecutorial and judicial discretion. Under what circumstances might this quote apply?