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Take your pulse which is your resting heart rate before exercise.
Next: Participate in 30 minutes of aerobic/cardiovascular exercise such as cycling, very brisk walking, jogging, aerobic dance/Zumba, lap swim.
NOTE: Exercise such as Yoga, weight training, slow walk, Pilates are NOT considered aerobic/cardiovascular exercises.
Take your heart rate again immediately after you stop. Count your number of beats per minute.
Find your post exercise Heart rate and compare it to the range on the chart provided (also found in the Pp).
Complete each math equation. ENTER your age and heart rates.
Describe your aerobic fitness response using a paragraph of 200 words.
Describe your answers while considering these questions: What do the numbers show you about your PERSONAL fitness level, your fitness goals, and how do they relate to YOU? Are you working at a challenging enough intensity (60%, 75%) etc. Do you need to work out with less or more intensity to meet your fitness goals? Are you an athlete and working towards improved sports performance? Are you looking to gain or lose weight?