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What do you need to do to get from csu to this career?

1. Introduction: Personal Assessment. In the introductory section of your paper, explain how you came to decide on this career for your research. 2. Requirements for entry into your career. Detail the education, experience, licenses, and skills necessary for the career. 1. Describe the job. Include physical environment, time schedule, location, salary, and benefits.

2. What do you think you will like and dislike about this occupation? 3. What is the typical pay? (Try to find the most up to date local information.)

4. What is the job outlook? 5. What are the growth opportunities? 3. Describe the Profession Today. 1. You may want to include a brief history of your career choice here. 2. What are some current issues or changes in this field? 3. What are the concerns of people in your career today? (You can include the response from the person you interview). 4. From here to there. 1. What do you need to do to get from CSU to this career?

2. Outline the steps you will take including specifics on transfer institutions and possible employers. 3. What colleges offer the required major? 4. Who are the big employers in this field? 5. Will you have to move? 6. What are the major obstacles you anticipate and how will you overcome them? 7. What are some resources you can use to assist you get there? 8. Mention some professional associations you could join while still a student.