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Based on the primary and secondary sources read, choose one of the following topics for your answer:
What do you think about Bazarov in comparison with Onegin or Pechorin? Can he be called a superfluous man?
What are the attitudes of Pavel Kirsanov and Bazarov toward notions of time: the past, the present, and the future? What are the effects of those differing attitudes on their characters? How do you see
the difference between the men of the 1840s and the 1860s?
How does Arkadys and Bazarovs relationship change over the course of the novel, and why?
What does Anna Sergeevna Odintsova mean when she says to Bazarov, You know, youre the same as
I am?
How does authors decision to have Bazarov do what he did at the end of the novel affect our
interpretation of his character? What effect does Bazarovs stoicism in chapter XXVII scene have on our
perception of his character and his ideas?
Format: 1-2 pages in length (approximately 300-350 words); 12-pt font TNR, 1 margins, double space,
numbered and with your name on every page, front page corner with your name, the course prefix/number,
date, and the name of the professor; titled Essay 6 with the topic chosen; bibliography of primary and
secondary sources with additional e-textbooks, in MLA format.