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What do you think about our ability to know God?

First Essay Question: Is there such a thing as Natural Theology? What does Aquinas say?

What do you think about our ability to know God?

The essay is to be approx. 750 words (you may go over a bit but do not go under). Please put the word count of the essay in the upper left corner, along with your name and Class name/time. In the essay, avoid using direct quotations.

But you should paraphrase and use parenthetical page citations when appropriate. Note: If you choose to discuss the proofs for God’s existence in Aquinas, you should NOT simply run through the five proofs.

In class, I show how the first two are centered on the third and how the last two are grouped around “intelligent design”. Also, it is best to begin the essay with explaining the thinker you choose.

That is, be as objective as you can and discuss either Aquinas’s or Descartes’s view. After you finish explaining the view then you can turn into your evaluation of the claims.

The evaluation section can be difficult, since you are trying to convince the reader that the view is either correct or not. Attacks have to be measured and not hostile and agreement needs to be more than just repeated the view. So, the evaluation section takes time to work out. Natural Knowledge of God